NAME: Aurora
CLIMATE: Hot to mild summer, cold in winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Summer only by car, snowmobile in winter
COMMENTS: The site is on private property, and has no roads whatsoever 
REMAINS: Rusted machinery on the beach

Thomas C Dunn founded Aurora as a gold town in circa 1901, and built a small number of buildings (without chimneys??) and power lines to give an appearance of the town having gold. A post office operated there from 1902 to 1904, and a boarding house,bunk house, store and stables were erected. When his ridiculous plan failed, he tried to make it a southern terminus of the ARR. When that failed, Dunn gave up any hope he has of fufilling his plan for money. The "non" town was located just west of Aurora spit, at the head of Kachemak bay's south side, near Homer.

Submitted by: Jody Rapin Goodrich