NAME: Dome & Dome Extension
COUNTY: Cochrane, Twp, In the City of Timmins
CLIMATE: Snow in winters, warm summers
COMMENTS: Take the back road to South Porcupine. The road was realigned for the Super Pit venture. The entrance to the Dome Complex os the nearest you can get to the two former town sites. the Road is situated at the first fork into Porcupine (right), follow signs to Dome.
REMAINS: Every the Dome is a Pit while the Extension lies under 200 feet of tailings.
Dome Mine had its begining in 1909, and a town site was established as early as 1912. While the Town of South Porcupine was later laid out for Dome miners, the seperate townsite at the Dome could claim a school, ball field, rink, a doctor and office,unofficial post office,Dome offices, minning buildings, and nearly twenty homes by 1920. While a secondary town site established itself for nearly 30 years at the southern portion of the mine adding another 12 homes or so. The Dome Extension site farther west, was laid in a rectangular block, during the twenty's and contained a few streets and nearly another 70 homes. And contained a few small services (a conveniance store was the largest). By the 30's 600 people called Dome minning property home, with the red Dome headframe as their village trademark. In 1983 Dome announced plans for the Super Pit which would necessitate the removal of almost all existing infrastructure (mine, bldgs, 1st town site). The town site was vacated by 1986 and open pit operations commenced. The Extension Town Site was vacated by 1993 and razed to make place for the new tailing (waste) pit. The village also contained ~530 residents in 1962, and ~200 in 1980. Submitted by: Yvan P.Charbonneau