NAME: Seaside
CLIMATE: Snowy winters, hot summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Fall, the folliage is beautiful.
COMMENTS: The whole place has sort of an eerie, unsettled feeling about it. There is a small pile of crumbled cement where a stone water fountain used to stand. The water fountain had a sculptured small boy and girl in the middle of it.... although there isnt much left you can still see the remains.
REMAINS: A huge HItchock looking brick mansion, a large rusted swing set (with no swings), and several other smaller brick buildings.
Built in the 1920's, Seaside was originally a hospital where children diagnosed with tuberculosis were sent to live out their final days. Because it is in such a beautiful area (isolated and right on the ocean), it was considered to be the ideal place for these children to pass on peacefully. Once science found a cure for tuberculosis, Seaside was turned into an institute for the matally handicapped. Several decades passed by and it was a well populated place, but eventually the state was forced to close it down due to the numerous lawsuits being filed against it for the treatment of patients (this was int he early 80's). Finally, in 1992, the entire building was condemned because it was considered to be "unsafe". No one has occupied it since, and the only activity that takes place over there is criminal and paranormal. Submitted by: Rosaline Rogers