NAME: Beaver Mills
COUNTY: Mobile
CLIMATE: Hot, Humid, Lots of mosquitoes.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Winter to avoid snakes. Surrounded by a swamp.
COMMENTS: No residents. Stone walls of the paper mill and Civil War uniform Depot.US Hwy 45 north from Mobile to Old Gulf Crest Rd. Follow untill it dead ends into a berm where the bridge has been removed to protect the site. Secondary access: Continue north on US Hwy 45 to the next marked dirt road on the right. Turn right and follow over small wooden bridge. Town site is just over the bridge in the flat area. Road to the right with the beaver pond on the left takes you to the old road bed where the second bridge was removed to protect the main site.
REMAINS: Only the stone walls of the old mill / uniform depot.
The town was active during the Civil War and after. During the war the mill was used as a uniform depot. After the war the uniforms and clothing were converted into the making of bonded paper. The remains of the old mill are still standing. Tall stone walls that look much like a castle in the woods. Civilian and uiform buttons can be found. None of the town buildings remain as the woods have long reclaimed the site. The site is on private property and premission must be given befor any attempts are made at gaining access. You will need a boat to get to the site of the mill as the bridges have been removed to prevent easy access. Submitted by: J. Garrett