NAME: Daleville
CLIMATE: Cold and wet in winter and hot in the summertime
COMMENTS: There are no current residents of Dalevile. Today, it is the site of Daily Lumber Company and is located on Highway 7 across the Ouachita River from Arkadelphia in Clark County.
REMAINS: All that is left of Daleville is some various mill foundations, etc. and the railroad tracks that are still quite active in the area
Daleville began in the 1880s as the home of the Arkadelphia Lumber Company. It was named for Dr. J.R. Dale of Arkadelphia who invested heavily in the new enterprise. William Grayson of St. Louis moved to the area and soon became the majority stockholder in the company. By 1906, the company had cut most of the virgin timber in the area, and transportation being limited to rail or wagon, it was deemed better to leave the area; i.e. go to a more timbered area. A site 20 miles away on the Anointe River near Amity was selected and named Graysonia after Grayson. Daleville continued to exist as a spot on the map. For years at least one sawmill operated in the community, drawing its workforce from Arkadelphia. Few families ever actually lived in the community. At one time First Baptist Church of Arkadelphia had a mission church for the residents. Today, the area is still recognized as Daleville on maps, but few residents know it by any name. Daily Lumber Company today operates a mill in the community. Submitted by: Joe May