NAME: Rush
COUNTY: Marion
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, hot in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring and fall
COMMENTS: Located at the end of highway 26 off scenic highway 14. The national park services maintains structures and hiking trails. There is camping and boating access to the buffalo national river. Historic markers are placed at significant sites to help visitors relive the past in this scenic, historic town. UPDATE:Recently, the old barn and one of the historic residential buildings and the 100+ year old barn at the site were torched by vandals. - Thomas T. Tunstall IV
REMAINS: Numerous marked structures

This now deserted town was once a thriving mining community. Silver and zinc were first discovered here in 1882, and in 1883 a record 13,000 pound piece of zinc was excavated and shipped to the chicago world's fair for exhibition. Today the piece is stilled housed in chicago's field museum of natural history. Rush is located on the beautiful buffalo national river, well known for its canoeing waters. You will find some of the most beautiful scenery in arkansas is this area. Submitted by: Susan hunthrop

In its glory days Rush Arkansas had 22000 residents and was the second largest town in Arkansas. The railroad got within 6 miles of the town, but never made it all the way because of the collapse of the oar prices in the 1921 recession.
In 1977 we were watching the news from Little Rock and my sick mother-in-law, Eva Rickett Masters started laughing. I said what's so funny? She said, "They just announced the finding of blind fish in a cave in Rush, AR that had been there for at least two hundred thousand years. I was born and grew up there. When I was a kid there was no fish in the cave. My brothers, a friend and I caught the fish in the river and packed them back into the cave so we would have a private fishing spot about five years before the collapse. - Phillip Maine

An Abandoned House in Rush
Courtesy Sayward Duffano

Close up of another house in Rush 2006
Courtesy Sayward Duffano

Another house in Rush 2006
Courtesy Sayward Duffano