NAME: Glenville
COUNTY: New Castle
CLIMATE: Regular weather: cold in winter, hot in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: As soon as possible, before everything is gone
COMMENTS: There are still residents in the non-abandoned section of the neighborhood
REMAINS: As of October 2005, there were at least foundations of all the houses, and home houses were still standing.
This is a ghost town in progress. Glenville is a neighborhood on Route 4 west of Newport that is being bought out and abandoned by the county or state because of excessive flooding. The back of the neighborhood has always been prone to flooding by Red Clay Creek, which runs behind the neighborhood, and the straw that broke the camel's back was the flooding in the past 6 years with Hurricane Floyd in 2000 and Hurricane Isabel in 2004. Officials got plans ready to abandon thhe flood-prone areas after Floyd hit, and after Isabel hit the abandonment officially went into effect. As of October 2004, the designated section is completely abandoned and is almost completely fenced off as well, as the area is being prepared into a park. Also as of this time, all the foundations are there, and some houses are still stadning because the demolition crew hasn't gotten to those houses yet. I am not sure if foundations and streets will be kept; I assume the foundations will be filled in, but I can see them keeping or removing the streeets. Submitted by: Matt