NAME: Kekaha Sugar Company -- Kauai
COUNTY: Kauai county
CLIMATE: sunny; light rain yearround
COMMENTS: This Sugar Mill still washes sugar cane, yet, since there is no more planting, when it finishes washing this harvest, Kekaha Sugar Mill turns into a "ghost site." One can drive right up to the mill. It is in the town of Kekaha, 4 miles west of the famous Waimea Bay, Kauai of the Capt. Cook landing, on the south shore of Kauai.
REMAINS: Large Plantation Company building
The land was already planted for sugar when Valdemer Knudsen accquired it in 1856 and began the Kekaha plantation. It went through a multitude of owners until 1885. By 1898 it became known as Kekaha Sugar Co. Ltd. The plantation railroad was started in 1884. Mules pulled the cane cars until 1886, when they were replaced with German locomotives. Kekaha is famous for the "Great Train Robbery of the Territory of Hawaii." In 1920 a bandit made off with $11,000 of the Mana payroll. Kaimiola Hali, a fisherman, was caught and spent four years in jail for the train robbery. After prison Hali eventually became a guard at Iolani Palace on Oahu. Submitted by: Keith Kersting

State of Hawaii--Kauai county--Waimea district Kekaha Sugar Company, Ltd. "the cane locomotive 'Nohili' in the mill yard of Kekaha Sugar pulling the cane train in 1910" photo by Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Association

State of Hawaii--Kauai county--Waimea district Kekaha Sugar Company, Ltd. this is the last sugar cane this mill will ever wash photo by Keith Kersting August 2000