NAME: Stratford
COUNTY: Missaukee
CLIMATE: Snow in Winter, nice in the Summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring, Summer and Fall
COMMENTS: Nothing left but sign posts marking the locations of the buildings in the town, and historic pictures and a map showing the layout of the town.
REMAINS: Sign post markers.
Stratford originated in 1897 with the purchase of 13,400 acres of virgin red and white pine by the Thayer Lumber Company. A railroad came the same year and hauled logs six days per week for twelve years. In 1908 the last of the pine logs were hauled and Stratford became deserted. The site was purchased by the State in 1937. Submitted by: Ken McClellan

Stratford Marker
Courtesy Ken McClellan

Sign posts mark building locations
Courtesy Ken McClellan

Stratford Station (Fred C. Hirtzel Photo)
Courtesy Ken McClellan

Stratford Lumber Train 1903
Courtesy Ken McClellan

Stratford Map
Courtesy Ken McClellan