NAME: Bacon
COUNTY: Moniteau
CLIMATE: Typical Missouri, humid / hot in summer. Humid / cold in winter.
COMMENTS: The town is only a few buildings and is now apart of the Jamestown community. I have actually lived in the old store which is up the road from the bridge a little. only the half remains and still had the shelves and some old cans from the time it was a store. the school is up on the road Route N and the church is next to it. and the old store or my old house is along what they call Bacon Bridge road.
REMAINS: An old church, a old school house and along the creek the remains of the old bridge (stone blocks along the Moniteau creek) and some of the old houses still being lived in
Bacon, a country store, received its name from Mr. James English, a former representative of the county. He was known among his friends as "Bacon Jim." It is not known why he was given this sobriquet. The owner of the store was a relative of "Bacon Jim's." The store was abandoned some years ago but the name still clings to the community. (J.W. Fulks; Cited on Railroad Commission Map of Missouri 1910).

Submitted by: Leander

The 2nd bridge before it was taken down for the 3rd one (the current one)
Courtesy Leander