NAME: Hauns Mill
COUNTY: Caldwell
CLIMATE: hot summer snow winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: spring summer fall
COMMENTS: Site is unocupied and surrounded by private farmland. There is a marker. Site has not been excavated and no remains of the blaksmith shop, mill or any of the dozen or so homes that once occupied the site remain. Directions---Haunís Mill is less than 15 miles east of Far West on Shoal Creek. From US 36, turn south onto Highway 13. Turn east on U Street. Continue east on U Street for about 12 miles until the road becomes a gravel road. When the road bends left to K Street, continue straight on gravel to U Street. Stay on this gravel road (U Street) as it curves to the south. There are signs but they may be vandalized. Continue south about 1 mile until you come to a bridge. Turn right just before the bridge and follow the winding road for Ĺ mile to its end. This is area where Haun's Mill stood. The roads are often muddy so proceed with caution.
A Mormon community and sight of a mill owned by Jacob Haun. In 1838, during the Mormon War, 30-40 families were gathered there for protection when a group of about 250 Misouri militiamen under Col Thomas Jennings attacked killing 18 and wounded another 13 men women and children on OCt 30 1838 Submitted by: Arno Copley