NAME: Medill
COUNTY: Clark County
CLIMATE: Very cold winters, hot summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Anytime, but fall is best
COMMENTS: Some residents remain, but this town is more dead than alive. Ruined Santa Fe train station is a sight to see. Town is interesting because it was still a fairly vibrant place only forty years ago.
REMAINS: Santa Fe Depot in ruins, skating rink building, schoolhouse, some ruins of the old bank, post office, and Eureka hotel if you look hard enough
Medill was once a booming railroad town founded by the Santa Fe Town and Land Company. The town had a post office, cold storage plant, Farmers Bank, skating rink, and several businesses including three hotels. two hotels, the Commerical and Maloy, both burned to the ground in the early 1900's. But the town continued to thrive thanks to the railroad station, which accepted both freight and passengers. Submitted by: Tyler Mitchell