NAME: Sligo
CLIMATE: Snow in winter/hot in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring,summer,& fall
COMMENTS: There are only a few residents even around Sligo, Mo. anymore. Sligo is North of Salem, Mo. on Highway 19. then turn on TT. There is an old mine,(I think it was a Iron mine.)
REMAINS: There are a few old buildings in a farmers field with cattle.

I do not now much about this old town, I found it when I was looking up an old graveyard that I have family in that is on TT. The Hutson-walker Cemetary. Submitted by: Samuel Mark Brockes

Sligo, Mo. was a iron mining town, from 1881-1921, mines closed in 1921. Reedville was a lead mining town in the beginning, but the reason it flourished after the mines shut down was because of the lack of a bridge over the Meremac river which made it impossible to cross over to the larger town of Sullivan in all but the driest of days. I live about a half mile from here.


There is a fella in SALEM, MO. named Larry Feibelman,has a store there, who has more darn info re that area than anyone else. If you are interested in adding to the Sligo site. Oh yes, my mother-in-law's Dad bought practically that whole old town after the mines went "bust." She and her many brothers and sisters grew up there and,for instance,can tell stories I love to hear bout old wagons leaving town for the West..... Bout how the girls could not go into town after Friday afternoon...too rough... We just visited again two weeks ago there and Ol' Sligo is still pretty much as it was last year and the year before....darned near empty now, but full of memories. At any rate, if you contact ol Ken, he can furnish you a "library of info" on Sligo.. B Brask Retired in Fl.

Sligo Cemetery
Courtesy Shell Walker