NAME: St John
COUNTY: Putnam
CLIMATE: Snow in in late fall, winter, early Spring,
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Lat Spring, Summer, early Fall.
COMMENTS: St John is located on State Road E. Take 136 from Unionville, MO 15 miles to highway 139. Turn Right on 139 and drive five miles. Turn north and drive about 5 miles to state road E. Turn right and stay on E for about five miles. The old Schoolhouse is located in a pasture on the left side of the road just after the gravel road that leads to the cemetery.
REMAINS: School house and cemetery
St John had a population of 1800 as late as the 1930s. Most of the Conestoga Wagons that were used on the Oregon trail were built here. It had what was considered a large Baptist Church for its time, two other churches, two hardware stores, a blacksmith shop,two grocery stores, and a general store, and a school house. The only thing left is the school house Cemetery just northwest of it where a soldier of the war of 1812 is buried. Submitted by: Phillip Maine