NAME: Wittenburg
CLIMATE: Hot Summers, Cold Winters
COMMENTS: Update:I was last there in 1993, immediately after the "Great Flood" of 1993, which did flood the town. The last I heard, there were 3 or 4 residents still there, but don't know if they stayed after the flood of 1993. My great grandfather, or maybe it was my great-great grandfather, was the Postmaster of Wittenberg in the late 1800s. I will clarify that with my Mother. My Mother has photographs of Wittenberg from the early 1900s if you would like a copy of them. I also took photos after the 1993 flood, and can send those to you if you would like. But, in addition to Wittenberg, on your way to Wittenberg from H.W. 61, you first go through Frohna, Missouri, which is a German, farming community and has about 235 residents but also still has many original buildings and houses from the 1800s, and they are still in use. Also, you drive through Altenburg, Missouri, also a German, farming community with about 235 residents, and, like Frohna, has many original buildings and houses from the 1800s. Plus in Altenberg is the original Lutheran Seminary, a log structure, which has been maintained. Gloria J. Restivo
REMAINS: Foundations
Wittenburg, founded in 1839, along the mississippi this towns primary use was for boat landings, with the invention of the motor boat this town had no moreuse and the rest is history. Submitted by: Mike Busekrus

Wittenberg Lutheran School - 1944
Courtesy Hank Weiss

Wittenberg Post Office
Courtesy Hank Weiss