NAME: Acme
CLIMATE: Hot and Humid Summer, Snow and Ice possible in Winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring and Fall, Mid 60-80's
COMMENTS: 17 Miles South and 4 miles West of Chickasha or 1 mile North and 3 miles West of Rush Springs.
REMAINS: Some of the concrete buildings and plant parts.

Built around the Acme Concrete Plant to support the facility. The town fell into ruin after the 1920's when the Gypsum beds in the area were worked out. Submitted by: Randy White

Post Office April 8, 1913 – May 29, 1931

Acme developed around the Acme Cement and Plaster plant built in 1911.  The town had a rooming house, general store with the post office located in one corner, two cotton gins, blacksmith shop and brick school with gymnasium.

During the early 1920’s the gypsum beds in the vicinity were worked out.  The company built a narrow-gauge railroad to other beds.  However, a flood in 1927 covered these beds with several feet of sand.  The beds where worked until 1930 until it was deemed unprofitable and the plant closed.  The plant was torn down to remove the large equipment and the town deserted.