NAME: Benton
COUNTY: Beaver County (Old number #07)
CLIMATE: Hot in summer, cold in winter, beautiful fall and spring
BEST TIME TO VISIT: fall and spring
COMMENTS: Nothing left to see, Benton sprang up from the early traders, and buffalo hunters. It sprang up on the Beaver river just East of present day Beaver Oklahoma. In the 1860's it was complete with several hotels and a store. Stables then were standard! It was a real old west town. Historic old town - current residents and businesses.
see note at comments! BENTONS population was about 500 to 1000 at one time. Indians roamed the area in small bands, they where peaceful for the most part. They where often visited by some of the more infamous wild west outlaws! This was No mans Land and Outlaw Territory! Oklahoma didnt become a state until 1907. By 1880 most all the buffalo where killed off by hunters, and the little town on the praire was no more! Beaver City, Beaver county Oklahoma began to thrive after that! Submitted by: Michael Dale Venable