NAME: Hope
COUNTY: Stephens
CLIMATE: Cold/Snow in Winter, Hot and dry in Summer
COMMENTS: I remember this from my childhood, there was a church in Hope, I'm not sure of what else, there are maps of how the town was layed out and exactly where it was, but I can't find any of them anymore. There is very little info on this town, I can't even find any on the internet.
REMAINS: Remains of the church and couple of other building, but very little left, if any at all now
I don't know the time period for this town, I am going to say probably the early 1800's. From what can be seen, there was very few people living there. I don't really know anything else about it. It was located about 9 or 10 miles NE of Duncan, OK. If you take Plato Rd. out of Duncan, heading east, go towards Clear Creek, you will drive through what used to be Hope about 1 mile before you get to Clear Creek. There is rumors of some gold in the area, and also other buildings, but it is very wooded, with very rough terrain, so not many people attempt to look for anymore. Submitted by: Kelly B.