NAME: Lacey
COUNTY: Kingfisher
CLIMATE: Very hot and dry in summer and mild in winter.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring and fall.
COMMENTS: Lacey is located ten miles west of Hennessey, Oklahoma on State Highway 51.
REMAINS: Gas station, school and old gymnasium.
Lacey was once a thriving farming community with many residences, schools and churches. The area was opened by land run and many German, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, and English immigrants lived there. Before Lacey had it's own school, Fred Kordis (who lived 4 miles south of Lacey) rode a circuit, and taught school around the area. He would stay in one location for six weeks, then move along. This was mostly done in the winter months when farming activities were slow. The dust bowl and Great Depression of the twenties and thirties caused many of the early settlers to abandon their farms and move to California. Fred also did this, moved to Redding, California with his wife and seven children to pick fruit. They lived in one end of an empty boxcar at a camp made of a dozen empty boxcars full of families. He stayed one year and returned to the family farm. Submitted by: Douglas L. Fisher