NAME: La Kemp
COUNTY: Beaver
CLIMATE: snow in winter, hot in summer
COMMENTS: I used to live in Booker, Texas. I always heard of La Kemp and never visited. I used to drive by Beer City, No Man's Land(in the list) and didn't know it.
REMAINS: I heard that there were some buildings.
BOOKER, TEXAS. Booker, at the intersection of State highways 15 and 23, in northwestern Lipscomb County, originated seven miles to the northwest in 1909 as La Kemp, Oklahoma. The town, including the post office, was moved piecemeal from Oklahoma to Texas in 1919, when the Panhandle and Santa Fe Railway was extended from Shattuck, Oklahoma, to Spearman, Texas. The new townsite was platted in August 1917 by Thomas C. Spearman and named for B. F. Booker, a civil engineer with the line. By 1920 the town had grain elevators, cattle-shipping pens, a bank, a school, three churches, and a population of 600. By 1929 modern utilities had been installed. Due to the Great Depression and Dust Bowl,qqv Booker's population decreased from 495 in 1930 to 386 in 1940. But by 1949 agricultural recovery, new farming techniques, and oil exploration had caused the population to increase to 1,500. In 1984 the town had 1,219 residents and fifty-two businesses. In addition to its farm and ranch economy, after 1956 Booker greatly benefited from local oil and gas production. A new sewage plant was completed in 1966, and a new hospital and clinic were built in 1973. The town is incorporated. In 1990 it had a population of 1,236 and reached into Ochiltree County. Submitted by: Ben Reed