NAME: Oakhurst
COUNTY: Creek and Tulsa
CLIMATE: Typical Oklahoma weather
COMMENTS: Exit S. 49 W. Ave from I-44 and turn north. Goto stop sign and turn back west. It is to the South of Southwest Blvd. Which also turns into Frankhoma Road.
REMAINS: Post office and a few old buildings. Some sidewalks and natural gas lights.
Oakhurst started life as the Creek Indian town of Teneha. In 1918 it was incorporated as Oakhurst. But after incorporating nothing else was really done. Around 1995 the original articles of incorporation where found in the state capital by accident. At that time several people tried to get a movement going to rebirth this sleepy little town but it was ultimately squashed. Once one of the richest of all towns in West Tulsa it has now became a sad ran down ghost town. Natural Gas was so plentiful in this area that in the early 1900's every street corner had its own natural gas street light. Some of which still hang along streets as well as some of the original sidewalks. There is still a post office and volunteer fire department as well as several old buildings. One of the old buildings still standing was a hotel for migrant farmers and oil field workers. It is near the Burlington Northern Railroad tracks still in use today. It was also rumored to be a brothel in the early 1900's. Submitted by: Anonymous