NAME: Redbird
COUNTY: Wagoner
CLIMATE: The usual
COMMENTS: The population of Redbird is not available but just guessing probably 50-100 people. The houses are all boarded up. There are 2 Baptist churches that are attended still. There is an old abandoned bar with boards and bars on the windows and door. There are no gas stations, stores or anything other than the churches. They have to drive about 15 miles to the nearest town post office. The addresses can only be P.O. Boxes. They do not have schools here either, they have to go to either Porter, Ok or Coweta ,Ok schools.
REMAINS: Some residents, 2 churches(still attended), abandoned buildings and foundations, oh and there are about 3 picnic tables too!!


Redbird was founded by E.L. Barber and family in 1889 with the founding of the first Baptist church. 1907 marked the official opening of the town with over 600 people. Today the population is down to around 130. 

Correction to the Red Bird Information. Red Bird has 4 churches, 2 Baptist,
1 Church of God and 1 Christian Methodist Episcopal. You'll pass the CME church when you first enter the town from Highway 51B. Red Bird has it's own Post Office, City Hall (recently refurbished) and Water Office. There are yearly tours of Red Bird through the Tulsa Rudisell Library that features the African American Towns of Oklahoma. Recent renovations and planned renovations include paved streets, to be completed 2004, new playground for our children, updated sewer and water system as well as remodeling of the historic Miller-Washington High School. Until the late 1970's the only school for blacks in Wagoner County. Red Bird celebrated their 100th Anniversary last year on the 4th of July. Previous residents, local politicians and the greater Wagoner County Community attended with over 400 people. Red Bird population is closer to 200 rather than the 50-60 noted in your information packet. Red Bird uses Porter or Coweta Schools, not Muskogee. Although there are many boarded houses, there are a number of new houses and new buildings.

Rev. William T. Janey, Pastor
First Baptist Church, Red Bird, OK