NAME: Witcher
COUNTY: Oklahoma
CLIMATE: Typical Central Oklahoma

COMMENTS: Located at the southeast quadrent of the I-35 and I-44 junction. Was lost a few years ago when the entrance to Turner Turnpike (I-44) was re-done. There used to be a small old grocery store there where construction workers could get lunch. It backed up to a North/South rail road track. I used to eat there in the 1970s. They had a half wooden barrel covered with wire mesh. Alarge sign warned "Caution Baby Rattlers!" Of course, inside were plastic baby rattles.

I lived three miles west from Witcher, Oklahoma along 122nd Street from 1973 to 1980.  In the summer, I would ride my bicycle to Witcher to buy candy at George’s store.  The barrel of rattlers was still there.  Towards the end of the 1970’s, I would go to Witcher on my homemade mini-bike to buy gasoline.  There was an old gas pump; a real gasoline pump.  There was a hand pump to get the gasoline to the glass tank on top before opening the value and letting the gasoline flow into my tank.  Witcher was a little bit magical for me.  The old store had a bench outside and two or three old men would ask me questions about my mini-bike.  They would tell me stories about the wild west and all the famous folks that had passed through the whistle-stop known as Witcher, Oklahoma.  My last visit was in 1979 when I was 13 years old.  This past summer (2009), my 12-year-old son and I tried to find Witcher, the rattlers, old men, etc, but they are all gone. Stanton Foerster

REMAINS: Nothing that I'm aware of

From 1953 to 1959 I lived in the Railroad Section house at Witcher  OK owned by the MKT Railroad. The MKT ran the north/south line between Edmond and Oklahoma City.  The house had no indoor plumbing and we had a 2 hole outhouse. I do not recall any other houses nearby because I was only 6 years old at the time.
I remember the passenger trains rolling by and the conductor throwing off blocks of ice  for the track gang to put in the water cooler.
 George’s store  was just a short walk down a long dirt road and  the nearest place to  groceries and the occasional peppermint stick that my family could afford.
Nearby was Oakdale school which was a 2 room wood frame school house with grades 1 thru 8.  In 1959 we moved to Cushing so I have no information after leaving.

Ronald Hughes

I lived 2 miles east of Witcher in the '80's and attended Oakdale School from K-8th grades. The original school was on the then basketball court on the old playground. It was across the street from Witcher Baptist Church (still is). George's store was a mile away down Sooner road and he knew EVERY kid that went to Oakdale. He had all of our pictures up behind his counter, along with animal heads of every kind ! George died in the late 70's and the contents of his store were auctioned off and the store was torn down. The gym at Oakdale was named George Stephenson Gymnasium in his honor. There is a forgotten cemetery that is behind and a little to the southwest of where George's store stood that is said to be haunted. I'm pretty sure is marked no trespassing on fence now, but when you're a kid, who reads stuff like that ?? Just thought I would drop this note to let your other visitors know what happened to George's store. Cheers ! Lora Creek