NAME: Izee
CLIMATE: Warm pleasant summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Summer, early fall
COMMENTS: Beautiful drive on a country lane from Dayville to Paulina
REMAINS: None left
The road to Izee begins at Dayville. One must turn south on a city street of Dayville. This street heads up hill off Hwy 26 & turns to the left, then back to the right as it follows the south fork of the John Day River. After about 12 miles you will come upon a fork in the road, take the left, across the bridge & continue following the river from the other side. Izee was an old mill & town about 20 miles up the river, all the buildings were bulldozed some 15 years ago due to squatters & the owner having to deal with liability problems. You'll have to watch for the site by the flatness of the ground & the uniform heighth of the bushes.Great fishing.can be found on late 60's maps. Submitted by: Patrick Tiekamp