NAME: Napatree Point
COUNTY: Washington County
CLIMATE: Warm summer, Cold windy winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Fall and winter
COMMENTS: No residents. Have to parkin in town and take a mile walk on the beach. Fort is normally easy to find but occasionally becomes overgrown.I'm working on scanning pictures.
REMAINS: Multi level remains of old military fort. possibly more.
Napatree point was once an extension of Watch Hill out into the ocean. Many houses and barracks were located along an old road that stretched out to the point. The hurricane of '38 knocked all of the houses into Watch Hill Harbor which by some is refered to as "the Kitchen" for many of the objects found under water. There is no trace of the old road but People have found many things buried in the dunes along napatree point. The fort is worth exploring at the point. There are numerous tunnels and stairs leading to lower levels. Everchanging plants seem to occasionally reveal new tunnels and doorways into the sands. The fort is not looked after by any groups but does appear on military documents of abandoned forts. Submitted by: Ik