NAME: Ellenton
CLIMATE: Hot in summer, cool but not bitter cold in winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Could only visit with permission of D.O.E.
COMMENTS: Town was abandoned when department of energy built the savanah river nuclear site.
REMAINS: UPDATE 2014: The town of Ellenton has nothing left to it. All of the buildings were razed during the 50’s and by the end of the decade, nothing was left. You can still come across foundations to houses, curbs, and driveways, but the area is overgrown and no longer really noticeable that anything was ever there. When they moved cemeteries, they usually left the hole in the ground and didn’t even refill many of them with dirt. Since it’s been so many decades now they have become small depressions in the ground but if you didn’t know what to look for, you’d never notice them. In some places you can find trash piles and even rusted out pieces of cars. But very little of anything exists anymore. Gary Williamson

See the history of aiken published in the eighties. Wish I could give more info. But I have never been to see it, some of my friends work at the site and have told me it does still exist Submitted by: Chris johnson