NAME: Hillsville
COUNTY: Laurens
CLIMATE: Hot Summer, Some Snow In Winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Any Time But Note Town Is Private Property Now
COMMENTS: Welcome to the ghost town of Hillsville SC. Located right outside of Laurens SC, you won't find Hillsville on a map because it does not exist any more. The former town came to our attention when I noticed some old commercial buildings on the state highway. I talked to the owner of the house adjacent to the property and discovered the history of the land.
REMAINS: Old Brick Buildings. Two in ruins, one still in use.
The bank, pharmacy and warehouse of Hillsville were built next to the railroad outside of Laurens SC. The scant history we know of states that a land speculator constructed the pharmacy, bank and warehouse buildings in the hope of building a community adjacent to the life giving railroad track. Now only the warehouse is still in use. The pharmacy and bank are in ruins. An interesting feature of this location is the fact that the front of the pharmacy building faces towards the railroad and away from adjacent HWY 221. Pictures of the site are located at http://www.flickr.com/photos/greensh/sets/72157604011405988/ . Submitted by: Sean Green
Hillsville Pharmacy
Courtesy Sean Green