NAME: Newell
COUNTY: Anderson
CLIMATE: Hot Summer, Some Snow In Winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Any Time But Note Town Is Private Property Now
COMMENTS: Welcome to the ghost town of Newell SC. Located right outside of Pelzer SC, you won't find Newell on a map because it does not exist any more. The former town came to our attention when my mate and I noticed some old commercial buildings on the state highway. We talked to the owner of the house across the street and discovered the history of the land.
REMAINS: Old Buildings, Numerous Old Automobiles
The original structure of the town was the smaller square building in the picture set below labeled "Post Office". The building was first used as a general store. Later the larger building was constructed, assuming the role of store. The smaller building was then used as a combination print shop and post office. The smallest building on the property was somehow used as a bicycle repair shop. The community of Newell has the distinction of being the first place that kerosene was sold in Anderson County. Afraid of the explosive nature of the new liquid, the grandfather of the current land owner stored the flammable material in the bike shop. The land is owned by a senior gentleman who repairs bulldozers and antique military equipment. The garage on the property has many of his parts and pieces as do the antique junked vehicles behind the shop. More Info, Including Numerous Pics, Can Be Found Here: Submitted by: Marc Boulware