NAME: Indian Gap
COUNTY: Anderson
CLIMATE: Very warm summers, Cold winters
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring, Fall, or Summer
COMMENTS: Private ghost town, must ask permission to see.
REMAINS: Old home place, Indian graves, and a mysterious wall
In 1836, settlers moved into the area now known as Indian Gap. There was aroung 100 to 175 people moved in by 1860, but not all moved in the same area. There was also Indians that lived around the same place. Legend has it, one night while one of the families were eating, a large group of the Indians attacked the home and cruelly killed all they saw. But there was one little boy they didn't see, so he ran off through the woods. The Indians heard him run off, but gave up looking for him. Some say you can still hear the Indian's ghosts looking for the boy that they didn't kill. Many artifacts have been found around the home place. Nails, an axhead, a rifle, and more. Submitted by: Zack Smith