NAME: Pressman's Home
COUNTY: Hawkins
CLIMATE: Cold in winter, temperate the rest of the year.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Autumn, mid October during the change of foliage.
COMMENTS: The area is now called Camelot, it's a golf course and country club. However, many of the original buildings remain. The following web address includes a complete history and many photos of the building as they were in their hayday. Pressman's Home is located near Rogersville, TN. To get there take 11W from Kingsport (11E from Knoxville) and when you get to Hwy 66 go North until you find 94. 94 is Pressmen's Home Rd.
REMAINS: Trade School, Administration Building, Dairy (now a country club), Chapel, Power Generator House. Last time I was there the Hotel was still standing, but that was about 15 years ago and I've been told that since then it's been torn down.
Pressman's Home was established in Tennessee as the headquarters for the International Printing Pressman and Assistants Union of North America in 1911 by George L. Berry. The union provided a Trade School, as well as a vacation spot, TB hospital and retirement home for union members. The unoun moved headquarters to Washington DC in 1969 and Pressmen's Home was closed. Submitted by: Adam Zimmerman