NAME: Haslam
COUNTY: Shelby
CLIMATE: Some ice in winter and scorching in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Fall and winter
COMMENTS: I grew up in Haslam and still live only 30 miles from it. Some people call all the way from the overpass on highway 84 to the Louisiana line Haslam, but the roadsign indicates otherwise, i grew up in between the 2 Haslam signs. My mother, Blanch Bates, was on of the last of the original "settlers" who lived there. She died in 1986. My father, David, worked there when it was owned by Pickering and also was the forman of the lumber company, when the Garrets bought the mill. I played all over the mill when I was young, following my daddy as he worked. He died in 1965. He was the night watchman and maintained the water tank for the residents after the mill was closed until he died.
REMAINS: Stone buildings, partial roads and some deserted houses
Pickering sold the lumber company to W.C. Garrett and family who owned it til its demise. His wife, Sarah Garrett was the driving force of Haslam until finally every thing was sold and only the shell of Haslam remained. The last postmaster at Haslam was Mildred Parrish. She still lives the Haslam part that is after the sign and before the Louisiana line.The commissary had it's own money at one time. They were called 'doogies' My heart and memories are there in this ghost town of east Texas.. Submitted by: Alice Bates Prudhomme