NAME: Lobo
COUNTY: Culberson
CLIMATE: Warm winter, hot summer
Winter, spring, fall
COMMENTS: No residents Left.
REMAINS: Many abandoned and occupied original buildings.

One might call Lobo a modern ghost town. Mostly abandoned in the late 1960s, the town has few residents today. In the 1880s, the Southern Pacific Railroad drilled a water well in the area that became Lobo as a steam engine water stop, depot, and live stock loading pens. Early in the 1990s, land promoters brought settlers to the area and started drilling water wells to irrigate agricultural crops. A small agricultural boom occurred around the time of World War I and also during the years following World War II. Cotton farming was the principle crop but the cost of irrigating exceeded the income and Lobo began a rapid decline. Today, more houses are abandoned than are occupied. SUBMITTED BY: Henry Chenoweth

UPDATE: The reincarnation of Lobo, Texas For more than 100 years Lobo was a thriving little desert town and watering stop for the railroad. In 1991 Lobo was abandoned by its last residents. 10 years later three desert loving individuals and their friends began the process of rebuilding Lobo. Their goal is to turn Lobo into a place where it is possible to express oneself in a multitude of ways. Staring in 2003 there will be an annual music, art and performance festival in Lobo. Website: http://www.lobo-texas.com

Courtesy Claus Moerchen