NAME: Medicine Mound
COUNTY: Hardeman
CLIMATE: Mild Winter, hot summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: any time, Saturday mornings
COMMENTS: South of Hwy 287 between Quanah and Chilecothe. The area is flat except for 3 dolomite hills that the Indians believed had supernatural medicinal powers.
REMAINS: General Store, Gas Station, Abandoned houses
Medicine Mound was devastated by fire at one point and the two main buildings were rebuilt from rock that would not burn so easily. Even with the new buildings, the town did not survive. The general store is a museum that has a sign that says it is open on Saturdays, but I was there on a Saturday and didn't see anyone. Submitted by: Tracy Robertson

Medicine Mound General Store
Courtesy Bobby and Speedy Drake

Medicine Mound Old Gas Station
Courtesy Bobby and Speedy Drake