NAME: Osiris
COUNTY: Garfield
Grid #: 8
CLIMATE: Arid Desert.
COMMENTS: In John's Valley about 13 miles north of Widstoe
REMAINS: Structures, large wood and rock one in particular which was a creamery.

This village was founded by a resident of Widstoe, who built the large rock and wood structure which still stands: this was a creamery (using the milk from herds on the farms in Henderson, Widstoe, etc.) In the wooded areas around the hill across the road, there are additional structures (houses). I do not know whether Osiris ever had a separate post office--I tend to doubt it. The location is very pretty. All the access is by 2-wheel drive; in fact, the Utah state road (I think it was SR22) is paved as far as Widstoe; it then turns to high-quality, i.e., fast, dirt, and stays that way all the way to Antimony . Submitted by Kurt Wenner.

Osiris, located approximately 13 miles north of Widtsoe, was founded by E. F. Holt, the financier-developer of Imperial Valley, California, in the late 1920s. Holt built a rock-walled creamery at Osiris, in Black Canyon, which was later converted into a grain processing plant. Holt also built a large summer house overlooking the creamery. The buildings remaining in Osiris are privately owned and should only be view from the dirt road which runs past the old creamery. Data on this town was compiled by Kristine Curry for the State of Utah in March 1998.

Courtesy Kurt Wenner