NAME: Lignite
COUNTY: Botetourt
CLIMATE: Some snow in winter, hot, humid in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring and fall, too hot and overgrown in summer
COMMENTS: No residents, part of jefferson national forest, they are working on cleaning up the site, and putting in a hiking trail. (see web site for jefferson national forest
REMAINS: Very few, some stone foundations, iron furnace nearby
Iron ore boom town formed in mid 1800's, had company store, churches, main street theatre, etc abandoned when ore business dropped. Overgrown now with few remains, I will do some more research and will submit some more stuff when I find it. Submitted by: Rodger Linkenhoker

These chimney remains are the most obvious traces left of Lignite
Courtesy David Campbell

Rear view of the chimney's.  They had a nice view from whatever this building was
Courtesy David Campbell

There are a few foundations still there.  Lots of overgrowth
Courtesy David Campbell

The sign to Lignite from VA State Road 615, just north of Oriskany
Courtesy David Campbell