NAME: Superior
COUNTY: Sweetwater
CLIMATE: Arid summer; winter snow
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Any but winter
COMMENTS: Take paved Wyoming 371 directly to Superior off I-80 east of Rock Springs.Superior has become considerably less ghostly that when I first wasthere about 10 years ago. There are still some nice vacant store frontsalong the main street. Petrified Wood fans! Go about 2 mi. beyondSuperior (continue past the main street and follow the deterioratingpaved road). Look for a large black pile on the right. There are manypieces of petrified wood on and around this pile. The material is brittle but almost all have nice side grain and many have nice ring patterns. There are also many large pieces, some too big to reasonably manage. The best pieces are across a wash that runs through the pile. You can affordto be picky about samples here. (9/99; Harold Frodge)
REMAINS: Few abandoned store fronts. There is an old cemetary on the left side of Wyoming 371 going out to Superior.  Also, if you go through Superior, there are dirt roads that lead to Tri-Territory road and 'Boar's Tusk', the Petroglyphs and the Sand Dunes.

I have yet to find a history for Superior. There are coal mines in the area, so I suspect that is a significant part of Superior's past. Submitted by: Harold Frodge

Superior, WY was an iron mining town up until the mid to late 1970's. I remember that in 1976 the trains were still carrying iron ore pellets from Superior through Rock Springs. They may have also done coal, but I have not heard of it. You are correct about the petrified wood, though. I have seen some there before that seemed to be part coal and part petrified wood. D. Buker