NAME: Hardyville
COUNTY: Mohave
CLIMATE: Mild winter, hot summer
COMMENTS: Nothing really to see.
REMAINS: Cemetery.

Hardyville's post office was established January 17, 1865 and discontinued February 19, 1883. Hardyville was one of the many Colorado river towns that ferried people across the river, served as a freight depot, and also happened to be Mohave counties first seat. At the most, Hardyville had about 20 permanent residents, but more were there at any given time due to people passing through. William Harrison Hardy, for whom the town is named, is credited with the invention of the riveted mail sack. Hardyville was struck with two fires, but it was the railroad crossing at Needles that finally doomed the town.

Re: Hardyville in Mohave County, AZ It should be mentioned that Hardyville eventually developed into Bullhead City, AZ. And, as a matter of fact, there is ONE relic of Hardyville still in existence: its cemetery. Overlooking Hwy. 95 (which runs straight through the heart of Bullhead City) on a high hill, it contains approximately 16 (as I recall) graves which are unfortunately unmarked because the University of Arizona hauled them away and apparently does not intend to return them. The graves are circled with stones. Some years ago a heavy rain washed out a few of the graves, sending the coffins and their occupants tumbling onto the highway! When they were restored to their graves, the hill was coated in concrete so as to avoid any more such disasters. Anyway, it's interesting to walk through it. Sincerely, Patricia Fiscella

William Harrison Hardy
Courtesy Arizona Historical Society