NAME: Snowball
COUNTY: Mohave
CLIMATE: Very hot summer, Mild winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Winter, fall, spring
COMMENTS: Approx. one mile west of Oatman. Up a very sandy wash requiring posi-traction or 4 WD. One winter home of relatively modern construction, sometimes occupied by owners, with outbuildings and
an interesting old aluminum "riverboat" sitting
behind it, 15 miles from the nearest navigable waters! (Colorado River) .
REMAINS: Mining remains.

Apparently occupied prior to 1900, up through late 1930's or early 1940's, when gold mining was shut down due to World War 2. No Post Office. A fellow named George Otterson used to pack water to Snowball on burros. He remembered a Chinese restaurant, two saloons, and several families. Remains of power or telegraph poles along the old road tell of some "modern conveniences" such as electric lights.

Submitted by: Cary Nickel