NAME: Bara-Hack
CLIMATE: Snow inwinter hot in summer
COMMENTS: There is a trail that takes you to the town about a quarter of a mile in.To get there, take 44 to 96 go by general store on 97 for about half mile then take road where sign says 4-h camp. Go about a mile and you will come to a little bridge with a small orange guardrail. There is a small one car parking spot. The path is on the same side as the parking spot. (on the right). It is called the village of ghostly sounds and even has it's own cemetery. It is haunted! For the cemtery: To get there you take the main path into town and take your first left. Follow this path quite a way until you reach the cemetery just off the road on your left hand side.
REMAINS: Cellar holes, foundations, wells, walls, burial ground.
It was started in 1790 by Obidiah Higgenbothem and John Randall. Almost immediately things began to happen. Spirits were seen in the great elm which still stands this day outside the cemetery wall. The last interrment in the graveyard was in 1890. Many people have reported ghostly voices ringing through the woods as well as other un earthly phenomena. We even heard the sound of a wagon and horses pass down the main road right by us with no visible entity to accompany them. This was at 2:30 in the afternoon. Submitted by: Thomas D'agostino