NAME: Bloomfield
COUNTY: Hartford
CLIMATE: Hot summer, Cold winter
COMMENTS: When in Windsor, CT, take Route 189 into Bloomfield and take your exit for Tariffville Rd. Bear right at the end of the ramp and continue straight for 2 miles. You will pass a Bed and Breakfast on your right, then you will come to a dead end. When at the dead end, park your car and walk down the path that follows the "Pavement Ends" sign. On your left you will see a road that has been closed off due to one too many fatal car accidents. The road was called the "Evel Kinevel Road" by residents because it was a steep, winding road.
REMAINS: Foot path, guard rail, lot of trees and overgrown plants.
My fiance and his friend took a walk down this path one night. They both saw head lights from beyond a guard rail in the woods and heard voices. They thought it was the police at first, so they left the site, thinking they might get arrested for trespassing. They walked down there the next day though, and saw the guard rail in daylight. They knew it was impossible however for any car to becoming forth from where they saw it. It was a ghost car they claim, from one of the many fatal car accidents that took place on "Evel Kinevel Road." Submitted by: Stephanie