NAME: Cuties Island
COUNTY: Fairfield
CLIMATE: Cold Winters, Hot summers, common connecticut climate
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Summer or late spring
COMMENTS: The ghost town is not inhabited.
REMAINS: 2 roofless stone buildings and a flag pole
North West of Shippan Point and south west but very close to the island at the end of Wallacks Drive, in Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut is a small uninhabited island that has the remains of two stone buildings. There is no recorded data from my research that I preformed so it is a mystery how those buildings got their or who built them. They look like they are from early colonial times. This is a VERY interesting ghost town and I would recommend it to anyone! It is not accessible by land, only by sea, you can launch a boat at cove island in Stamford and navigate to this island. Be careful thou, the area has some rocks in it and the whole south shore is rocks, there is a beautiful beach thou on the north shore that faces the mainland and it is safe to land on. Submitted by: Brian Kotos