NAME: Dudley Town
COUNTY: Litchfield
CLIMATE: Yes to both
COMMENTS: Near Cornwall CT. A samll town in NW CT.
REMAINS: Foundations

Dudley Town is believed to be the remains of a 1600's colonial settlement. It is accessed by a trail in the woods. Cornwall is a small town in NW CT. I believe the warrens, a famous ghost busting couple may have visited there. It is a famous local "haunt". Submitted by: Scott Whittaker

Dudley Town Connecticut: I would like to add more information concerning Dudley Town. The only time I and my husband have ever been to Dudley Town was in High School. Our literature teacher took each of his classes camping up there for a school field trip. Only the foundations remain. You can actually see the outline of the town itself and then within the town you see the foundations of what were homes, the school house and other buildings. The school house is really creepy, if I remember correctly the school house had the most in-tact foundation. Upon entering Dudley Town, our teacher shouted out to the town and asked for permission for us to enter their town. (I suggest that anyone visiting the town should do the same and explain that you are peacefully there, not to disturb anything.) Also, NEVER EVER remove anything from the town! Don't remove a rock a twig or even a handful of dirt. Anyone who has ever removed something from the town has had something awful happen to them. Example, a girl in one of our teacher's past classes had removed a rock from the Town, no sooner than a day or two later, she broke her leg. There are many amazing stories about how this town just died off. Most of the stories are all the same with very little variations. But the town is HAUNTED! Right before entering the town, the teacher would go around and put out all campfires, he would smother them with dirt/sand and then soak them with water, to insure that they were completely out. Then he informed everyone of the ground rules as well as give us a detailed history of the town and the people who lived in that town. When my husband went with his class, they were all sitting around listening to the teacher when my husband's campfire just all of a sudden spontaneously erupted into a huge fire, with roaring flames, this of course, happened after the teacher had put out each fire. Careful when visiting, especially at night, many Pagan groups go into the town and perform their rituals there. They sometimes will appear mysteriously and sneak up on you without making a sound. You will come across their ritualistic alters (spelling??) with the pagan symbol etched or painted on. Mr. and Mrs. Warren have visited the sight before. In fact, Mrs. Warren would only get so close to the outskirts of the town. In her presentations, she has described the "money-like" figures she saw in the trees as she neared the town. She said the figures in the trees were evil. She also said the closer she got, the stronger and almost overwhelming the evil feeling became. In the end, she did not enter the town, she refused. And because of the evil presence she will not return. Mrs. Warren has felt evil presences in the past and not left, but in the case of Dudley Town she says it is too evil. I believe her account of her visit to Dudley Town is published in one of the Warren's books. Easton, Connecticut The White Lady that you are referring to is at Union Cemetery. There have been many accounts where she will appear in the middle of the road and motorists, at the time, swear that they have actually struck a human being. If you go and take pictures there at night, you might be able to get ghost gobulues (spelling??) on film. It is an amazing place but BEWARE of COPS!! We used to go there all the time and hide our cars really well, but without a doubt, the cops would always end up chasing us out of there. Thanks for reading my stories. I really enjoyed the website! Sheri

Dark Entry Forest, Inc. is privately owned land which is posted thoroughly with "No Trespassing" and "No Parking" signs on all roadways leading into the area known as Dudleytown. Dudleytown is not on state property, nor is it in a state forest; therefore this property is not open to the public. The Connecticut State Police and Department of Environmental Protection Officers will continue to patrol and strictly enforce all trespassing and illegal parking laws and regulations. The owners of Dark Entry Forest, Inc. will seek the arrest and prosecution of all trespassers to the full extent of the law. Additionally, parking is prohibited on the roads leading into Dark Entry Forest and owners will be ticketed and vehicles will be towed should they be blocking vehicular traffic and/or driveways. This year Law Enforcement Officers have been summoned 79 times to the Dark Entry Forest area, resulting in arrests for criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, illegal parking and littering. We will also assist the police by obtaining vehicle registration numbers and photographing them for evidence in citizen complaints. Dark Entry Forest, Inc. regrets having to take these measures, but we are dedicated to the preservation of our fragile woodlands, as well as our own peace and tranquility. In conjunction with this News Release, the Connecticut Forest and Parks Association will close a section of the Mohawk Trail to the public for nine days, from the Dark Entry Road entrance to the Cornwall Village entrance, beginning Saturday, October 27. The trail will re-open Monday, November 5, 2001.

I would just like to speak on Dudley Town.... My father and I and some of his buddies went there a few years back and we saw all sorts of neat foundations and things. we climbed a few high hills and rocks to look all around. we were very fascinated by the fact that there is no sign of any living thing. we did not even see a squirrel near the trees. when you walk in the town you can actually feel vibes of uneasiness. it'll give you the worst goose bumps ever. it was a lot of fun though. we took pictures and they came out great. we also took a few rocks that are shiny and smooth like glass, they have a greenish blue tint to them. most of the rocks there are that color. i plan to go up there again soon with a good friend of mine. i think the town is haunted, and as long as you don't do anything stupid, then nothing will happen to you. The other person wrote that if anyone took something from the town, that they would have bad luck....i took a bunch of rocks and little things like a few twigs that were mishapen, and nothing has ever happened to me or anyone else i was there with. anyway, this web site is awesome...and even though Dudley Town is "blocked off" i still think people should plan a visit for a good yet "scary" feeling. it's a great place. -shannon b.