NAME: Cutler
COUNTY: Miami-Dade
CLIMATE: hot and humid in summer and most of spring and fall
BEST TIME TO VISIT: anytime there is not a hurricane
COMMENTS: Town site is now part of the Deering Estate, no current residents. Near the corner of Old Cutler Road and SW 168th Street. Deering Stone House and Richmond Cottage are open for tours.
REMAINS: Richmond Cottage is the only building left from Cutler
The Cutler area was originally an Indian hunting ground, and in 1838 was the scene of a battle during the Second Seminole War. In 1883, Dr. William Cutler purchaed 600 acres in this area of South Dade. The economy was based on the cultivation and shipping of tomatoes, pineapples, and other fruit. In 1884 William Fuzzard, a settler brought in by Cutler, cut a passway leading from the town up to Coconut Grove/present day Coral Gables. By the end of 1884 the population reached 75 and a post office named "Cutler" had been established, with Fuzzard as the first postmaster. In 1896 the Cutler School was opened. The Cutler settlement was considered one of the best in South Florida, having the Richmond Cottage hotel, a school, two wharves, daily mail, and two good stores. When the Florida East Coast Railroad bypassed Cutler in 1903, the town began to die. In 1915, Cutler became part of the Charles Deering Estate. All buildings were torn down except Richmond Cottage, which was incorporated into the Deering home. Submitted by: Jim Pike

Richmond Cottage, former townsite of Cutler
Courtesy Jim Pike

South side of Richmond Cottage, restored after heavy damage from Hurricane Andrew in 1992
Courtesy Jim Pike

Interior of Richmond Cottage
Courtesy Jim Pike

Town of Cutler, only trees and bushes remain
Courtesy Jim Pike

Richmond Cottage in 1990, prior to Hurricane Andrew
Courtesy Jim Pike

1896 Cutler Post Office, made from a converted freight car, courtesy of