NAME: Fivay
CLIMATE: Hot in Summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Winter/Spring/Fall
COMMENTS: A few residents. 5 miles northeast of New Port Richey.
REMAINS: Little to nothing.

The community originally know as Tucker became Fivay. At it's peak in 1910 it boasted a large saw mill operation and had a population of about 1,500. The community became Fivay because of the names of the five owners; Amorous, Anderson, Atkins, Arkright, and Ayers. Along with the sawmill there was a railroad junction constructed. Between 1910 and 1914 there were about 2,300 citizens of the town of Fivay living in less that a square mile in area. When the supply of lumber was exhausted in 1914 the mill closed and the track was removed. Submitted by: Mike Woodin

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FivayRRGrade.jpg - The only evidence of Fivay is this vine obscured RR grade through the town site.
Courtesy Mike Woodfin