NAME: Fort Kissimmee
COUNTY: Polk or Highlands County
CLIMATE: Hot in Summer, Nicest in Fall
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Need clearance through Avon Park Bombing Range
COMMENTS: There are no current residence at ft kissimmee.It takes approximately 1 hour to arrive after leaving pavement. There are hiking trails and you can visit the old homesteads and its a scenic view, vehicles are allowed incertain areas but you must have a permit that you get when you check-in other parts are only accessable by foot some areas you may need a four wheel drive vehicle if you are visiting when there has been alot of rain. there are showers and bathroom accomidations at the morgan hole,which is before you reach the ft kissimee homestead. AT ft kissimmee in front of the cemetary there are out houses and hand pumps for water.
REMAINS: Cemetary, homestead sites, underground root-cellar, one-room school house site
Settlement was mandatorily relocated during WWII by the Goverment. Entry to Ft. Kissimmee gained through the Avon Park Air Force Bombing Range, Avon Park, Fla. Mainstay of town was cattle ranching, fishing and trading. Settlement was located North of Ft. Bassinger and South of Kisso Ranch, along the Kissimmee River. There were approximately 20 to 30 families in the area. The Air Force Aquired the land and they had to relocate due to the Air Force making a Bombing Range out of it. Submitted by: Ashley Varnadore
Fort Kissimmee Cemetery
Courtesy Michael Woodfin