NAME: Fort Mose
COUNTY: St. Johns
CLIMATE: It's Florida, What do you think?
COMMENTS: Site can be reached North US1 above St. Augustine turning East on Saratoga Blvd. (Follow the sign) Pick up information brochure. Follow boardwalk out to view the two sites. Explanation on the brochure is clear describing the two areas. You may not walk out to the actual archeological sites. Nearby St. Augustine is a wealth of early Florida information.
REMAINS: No Remains
There were two Fort Mose’s in St. Augustine area history. The first was founded in the year 1738 by escaped slaves from the Southern States to the Spanish Colonies. These men, women and children numbered about 100 strong and lived in palmetto huts surrounded by an earth berm and log walls. Leader of the group was Francisco Menendez who was captain of the Fort Mose black militia. The camp was abandoned and the people moved to St. Augustine to avoid the attacking British Army in 1740. The British took up residence in the abandoned Fort Mose compound setting it up as a staging area to attack the Castillo San Marco at St. Augustine. The black militia joined and fought valiantly with the Spanish army defeating the British. Submitted by: Mike Woodfin

This hammock of trees includes the site of the second Fort Mose location.
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

Historic Marker at Fort Mose State Park
Courtesy Jim Pike