NAME: Gaiter
COUNTY: Marion
CLIMATE: Hot summer, cold dry winter
COMMENTS: There is not much there but a cemetary called Cedar Grove.It is located in a hunting preserve of rt. 200 west of OcalaIt is accessable only by a NARROW dirt road by 2wd vehicles
REMAINS: Not much is left but a few burned up sticks and the Cedar Grove Church
Gaitor was a small settlement where the local postmaster Mr. S. Layton manned the post office for several of the settlements near the SR 200 bridge. The settlement Cedar Grove was adjacent and eventually became to be included in just being called Gaitor. There once was the Cedar Grove Methodist Church, several homes and the Pine Level School. The Cedar Grove Church was ministered by Reverends Collier and Harralson during 1880 and W.C. Collins in 1885. Actually four communities in the area of the Withlacoochee River, Cedar Grove, Gaitor, Camp Izard, and Stokes Ferry, intertwined their lives and businesses during this time and possibly could be considered one large community.
Mike Woodfin

CedarGroveCemetery1.jpg - Cedar Grove Cemetery
picture courtesy of Mike Woodfin

CedarGroveCemetery2.jpg - Cedar Grove Cemetery
picture courtesy of Mike Woodfin

CedarGroveHandpumpWell.jpg - This old hand pump well is on the property of the Cedar Grove Methodist Church.
picture courtesy of Mike Woodfin

CedarGroveChurch.jpg - The Cedar Grove Methodist Church burned down in 1935 and was rebuilt in 1936. The church has been unused for four years.
picture courtesy of Mike Woodfin