NAME: Lokosee
COUNTY: Osceola
CLIMATE: hot in summer, warm to moderate otherwise
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Ranch & townsite areas are fenced private property
COMMENTS: Lokosee Ranch owners seem to be the only area residents. Town site is in a largely uninhabited area off of 441 between Kenansville and Yeehaw Junction.
REMAINS: old railroad substation building, possibly other remains on Lokosee Ranch property or townsite area, both fenced and posted No Tresspassing
Lokosee was a stop along the now-abandoned Okeechobee extension of Henry Flagler's Florida East Coast Railroad. It was a turpentine producing town with a population of 370. The word "Lokosee" is Seminole Indian for Black Bear. The town appeared on maps from around 1914 to the mid-1930's. The discontinuation of the railroad quickly lead to the town's demise. Today the original site is occupied partly by the Lokosee Ranch, as well as a large fenced-off area across 441 still containing the railroad substation. Submitted by: Jim Pike

Lokosee Ranch, former townsite
Courtesy Jim Pike

Lokosee Ranch, former townsite.  Look closely to see the alligators in the pond.
Courtesy Jim Pike

Lokosee railroad substation
Courtesy Jim Pike

Lokosee townsite near substation
Courtesy Jim Pike