NAME: Moffitt
COUNTY: Hardee
CLIMATE: Hot in summer, moderate to cold otherwise
COMMENTS: Approximately 9 or 10 houses in townsite, located on US17 south of Zolfo Springs near the corner of Moffitt Road.
REMAINS: Old railroad crossing post, more possible train or track related materials along the old railpath, little else from earlier times
The town of Moffitt was started by John Moffitt after the then-Florida Southern Railway came thru the area (railroad changed ownership several times in the years following). There was a large lumber mill and a Post Office was in service from 1900 to 1916. Most residents made their living in the lumber industry or thru farming and cattle. When the trees were all cut down the mill closed and most townspeople moved elsewhere. Today the railroad service and tracks are gone and Moffitt is just the name of a road thru the countryside. Submitted by: Jim Pike

old house on Moffitt Road
Courtesy Jim Pike

Moffitt Townsite
Courtesy Jim Pike

Former railroad path thru the townsite
Courtesy Jim Pike

Old railroad crossing post along the tracks at Moffitt townsite
Courtesy Jim Pike

Showing where the tracks used to cross over Moffitt Road
Courtesy Jim Pike