NAME: Newhall
COUNTY: Glades
CLIMATE: hot most of the year
COMMENTS: Two modern houses in the area, not dating back to the town period. Site is off of Route 78 just over a mile north of US27, near the railroad tracks.
REMAINS: little known remains
The first mayor of Moore Haven, Marian Newhall O'Brien and her husband John O'Brien founded this town in the late 1910's primarily as a colony of Englishmen. The residents manners and customs seemed odd and very out of place to the people of nearby Moore Haven and the surrounding area. The arrival of negro workers brought in as permanent residents to tend the farms during a time of segration and racial unrest proved to be the town's undoing. The white laborers walked out as soon as they arrived, and the nearby settlers made it clear that they were not welcome as neighbors. Local merchants banded together against them while "Cow Hunters" and vigilantes took shots at the negro field hands as they worked the farms along the railroad. With the mayor's involvement this uprising was put down, but the town of Newhall did not recover from the damage done. Today very little remains, and most of the former townsite is now private sugarcane farms. Submitted by: Jim Pike

Present Day Newhall
Courtesy Jim Pike

Looking towards former site of Newhall railroad depot, now on private property
Courtesy Jim Pike

Farm vehicle railroad crossing at Newhall site
Courtesy Jim Pike

Newhall in 2010, mostly sugarcane fields
Courtesy Jim Pike